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Tablet Repair - Is it worth it?

Cracked Screen
In most cases a cracked screen is not worth the repair. The reason for this is simply the cost vs. a new tablet. Some tablet screens can cost lots to buy new, prices normally starting from £50. After you put labor on top £80 would just be worth carrying our repairs. Since tablets can be purchased for £100 or less nowadays, our advice is to normally not carry out this repair dependent on costs of the digitizer/screen.

Broken USB / HDMI / Audio Port
Most of the time this type of repair is very economical and worth doing. The ports themselves can usually be purchased for no more than £5. We charge £30 for this service and so it is definitely cheaper than buying a new tablet. Having said this, it is still possible that in opening the tablet, damage to the screen could occur or the main-board is damaged during the port replacement.

Software Issues
Normally repairable but sometimes can be related to main-board failure. For example, a tablet may fail to boot into windows or android with a main-board failure but can also simply be software corruption as well. In most cases the system can be restored and repair is completed. In other cases unless the main-board is replaced, the tablet is rendered useless. Main-boards vary in price greatly and so is hard to give a set cost for the part.

Our recommendation is that if your tablet is still in warranty, you should contact the manufacturer before having a repair carried out. Sometimes they send a new one out without you even sending the old one, meaning you then have 2 tablets and spare parts as a result!

Date Article Added: 2015-11-23 17:24:55

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