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Desktop Computer Repair

Do you have a broken desktop computer?

In most situations desktop computers can be repaired for alot less than most other modern devices. Some newer all-in-one machines now have touchscreens which can complicate things but in general most repairs for desktops are fairly streight forward.
We can fix the following problems related to desktop computers:

• Motherboard PCB Repairs
USB and Peripheral ports
• 3.5mm audio jacks
• Power Supplies
• Optical Disc Drives
• Clean Up / Speed Up - £30.00+
Memory Upgrades
• Networking / Wi-Fi
• PC support & installation
• Internet Security
• Hard drive cloning - £40.00+
• Data Recovery - £50.00
• Virus Removal - £30.00+
• Wireless Network/Printer Setups
• Windows Re-installation - £30.00+
• Driver Troubleshooting / Re-installation
• Remote Support
• General Advice

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