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Console Repair

Do you have a troublesome games console?

Theres nothing more inconvenient than coming home, turning on your games console only to find it wont load a game. The most common problems with console issues normally orignates from a bad Hard Drive or Optical disc drive. If the disc drive is bad, sometimes we can replace components within the drive to get it working again, rather than replacing the entire drive.
We can fix the following problems related to consoles:

• Hard Drives
• DVD / BlueRay Drives
• Power Supplys
• Controller Repair - From £20.00
• Facias / Buttons / lights
• HDMI Port replacement - £45.00
• Clean outs - £40.00
• Thermal Paste Re-Application - £40.00
• PS4 / PS3 / Xbox 360 / Xbox One

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