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Mobile Phone Repair

Do you have a faulty phone?

Here at CRS the most common type of repairs we see for phones are cracked screens. Accidents happen and however annoying they are, they can also be costly. We look at the best way to save you money but we also can make you aware of counterfeit parts which are cheaper, but more costly in the long run. A good example of this is an Apple iPhone battery, you can buy them for £10.00 on ebay but they are not genuine and have already been used. A quality battery is £25.00 and will last you much longer than 3 months!
We can fix the following problems related to phones:

• Iphones and Android Phones
• Screens
USB ports
• 3.5mm audio jacks
• Batteries
• Power / Volume buttons
• Main boards
• Data recovery - Bad SD Cards
• General Advice

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