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At CRS Norwich we recommend and offer installation of our All-In-One support program. CRS Support is a software package which actively monitors your computer in the background for problems. If an issue is found it notifies you immediately. Depending on the level of support you require determines what package you will need. Our basic package is free to everyone and will display when there is a problem with your computer. Advanced packages allow us to see your problems and act on them where necessary.

So what problems are detected?
Hard Drive Issues (Before total failure)
Low Disk Space
Fragmented Drives
Application Crashes
No Anti-Virus Installed
Blue Screens of Death
Disabled Firewalls
Device Manager Issues.

Packages Available:
All our packages are on an easy to understand, fixed yearly 1 time payment. Packages with passive monitoring only alert you of any issue on the computer, we do not see any report of the issue.
On all other packages, we see reports.
Basic Monitoring: £12 (Active monitoring)
Advanced Monitoring: £16 (Active monitoring, plus automatic program updating)
Complete Monitoring: £45 (Active monitoring, automatic program updating, Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware)
Anti-Virus Only: £30 (Anti-Virus with passive monitoring, we won't be notified of hardware issues)
Platinum Package *: £60 (Everything is included, plus 2 hours of remote support normally costing £60)
* Platinum Package comes with 2 hours of remote support usually costing £60 for a cost of only £15. Can be used whenever required.

Our program includes built-in remote support:
Simply right click the CRS taskbar icon and select "Start Remote Support". Then once you have your user ID and Password, simply give us a call on 01603 447198 and we will be happy to assist you remotely. Charges are £15 per 30 minutes.

Emsisoft Anti-Virus & Malware Protection
Secure your system from vulnerabilities with professional Emsisoft Anti-Malware starting at £30 on our Anti-Virus Only package. As an added benefit, we see any virus reports and can act on them where required on your behalf.

Silent Updates
Keep your computer programs updated automatically without any annoying pop-ups disturbing you whilst you work. We currently support automatic updating of 36 commonly installed programs:
Adobe AIR - Adobe Flash Player PPAPI - CDBurnerXP - LibreOffice - Google Drive - TortoiseSVN - Adobe Flash Player Plugin - Notepad++ - Firefox - Sublime Text 3 - Pidgin - Adobe Flash Player Active X - Inkscape - Silverlight - WinRAR - JRE8 - Evernote - VLC - Steam - NodeJS - Google Chrome - GIMP - JDK8 - TightVNC - Thunderbird - Quicktime - WinScp - Skype - Opera - IrfanView - OpenOffice - Adobe Reader - K-Lite Codec Pack - iTunes - Foxit Reader - 7zip

Bundled FREE Maintenance tools
For your convenience we have also bundled in the following software for quick maintenance tasks on your computer. All easily accessible by right clicking the CRS taskbar icon:
Hard Drive Health Check
Disk Defragmenter
RAM Usage Checker
Disk Space Usage Viewer
Disk Cleaner
Internet History & Junk Cleaner
Integrated Remote Support

Uninstalling CRS Support
Should you ever wish to remove the software, as a protective measure you will need to enter the following code "0378". This is to prevent accidental removal. Alternatively you can contact us directly where we can deactivate the software on your behalf.

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