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Windows 10 release date announced


It was announced today that Microsoft's New operating system Windows 10 will be released on the 29th July 2015, which is also when new machines will go on sale bundled with the system. Do you really need to rush out and buy a new computer though? The answer is absolutely not. Microsoft for the first time will actually be letting anyone who owns a copy of the previous Windows 7 or 8 upgrade to Windows 10 for free!

So what is in the new Windows operating system?
There are 3 major new appearances on the system; Cortana, Edge and XBox Streaming.
Most people with a windows phone will be familiar with Cortana, essentially a personal assistant to help you get things done faster, by simply saying what you would like to do as well as the facial recognition aspect.
Edge essentially is a re-branding of Internet Explorer, made into a much better more modern approach to web browsing. Whether it will take over the competition by the likes of Google's Chrome browser or Mozilla Firefox is another question entirely however.
Most gamer's will be happy about the Xbox streaming aspect they are including in Windows 10, which could in many ways make gaming more fun and potentially portable throughout the home.

There are also many other system related enhancements that Microsoft have introduced to Windows 10, we expect the system itself to run much better than on previous Windows 7 machines as a result.

However, probably the single most warm welcome for the new Windows 10 is the return of the much loved Start menu. Why did Microsoft ever get rid of it?

You can reserve your free copy of windows10 at the following page:

Article By: CRS Mike
Date Added: 2015-06-01 18:13:17

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