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Computer, Laptop & Console Repairs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Address:
CRS Norwich - 78 Junction Rd, Norwich, NR3 2JA.

Service Hours:
Mon-Fri - 12pm-8pm.
Sat & Sun - 12pm-4pm.

Before Visiting:
ALL appointments must be booked in advance, please visit the booking page:
Visitors strictly by appointment only. No walk-ins permitted.
On-street parking is available with no permit restrictions.
Children under 13 are not permitted entry to the premises.
Cats are on-site, if you have allergies (Fel d 1) please advise us prior to your appointment.

Collections / Drop offs:
Collection and drop off service times are 2pm-8pm.
Most collections are £10 (Inner Norwich Area), depending on distance.

Home / Business call-outs:
Call-out service times are 2pm-8pm.
Charges are from £60 and depend on the exact problem in question.

Repair Timescale:
ALL Repairs are usually up to a maximum of 7 days, depending on what is already in.
Repairs are operated as a first in, first out service.
If you provide us with an email address, you will receive status updates relating to the progress of your repair.
We endeavour to repair your equipment as fast as possible.

Accelerated / Expedited Repairs:
We do not offer an accelerated repairs option in order to keep the repair queue and process the same for every device that arrives at the workshop. Services are operated as first in - first out.

No Fix No Fee:
We do not operate a no fix no fee service, however we will not charge you until equipment has been opened. If it hasn't been opened, we will not charge you. The minimum fee is usually no more than £20 for Inspection.

General Labour Prices:
£20 Inspection fee (Included in total cost).
£50 Comprehensive Diagnostics (Includes Inspection Fee).
£30-£100 For Most repairs (Excludes part costs).
£80 set fee data recovery (Includes Inspection Fee).
£60 set fee data destruction.

Console / Controller Repairs:
£50 Controller repairs (Excludes part costs).
£15 for JoyCon Controllers (Excludes part costs).
£50 Console full teardown and clean, including thermal paste as standard.
All Console repairs include the full teardown and clean, if the console is left with us.
Most console repairs are £50 plus part costs.
When bringing a console, power / display leads or controllers are not required (unless you want them repaired).
For consoles with an external power block, ensure you bring them along with you.

Laptop Screen Repairs:
Screens conform to ISO 13406-2, which specify an “acceptable” number of dead pixels by display category.
By this standard, replacement screens are allowed to exhibit two malfunctioning pixels and five malfunctioning sub-pixels per million. On a 1080p display, four dead pixels and ten dead sub-pixels would be within ISO tolerances.
The rare possibility of having dead pixels comes as part of the manufacturing of LED screens and major manufacturers do not consider 2-5 dead pixels as a defect that is enough to scrap the display.
If you require a guaranteed Zero Dead Pixel screen, there is an additional processing fee of: £20.00

Repair Attempt Fee
We charge a repair attempt fee for most devices that involve motherboard repairs, data recovery or devices that had prior repair attempts. If repair is unsuccessful or data recovery is not possible, or the device was previously worked on before it arrived at our workshop you will be charged a repair attempt fee ranging from £10 - £40 to cover the time spent working on your device.

All repairs have a 30 day guarantee period unless otherwise stated.
All new laptop screen repairs come with a 1 year warranty, excluding touchscreens. Warranty will be void if CRS Service sticker removed or pierced.

Payment is due on collection of equipment, unless there is a down payment requested for expensive parts.
Accepted payment methods - Bank Transfer (preferred), SumUp Online, Cash or Card in person.
Petty Change / Coins are not accepted.
All Invoices over £100 - Only bank transfer or SumUp online payments accepted.
You are welcome to pay upfront, however it is not a requirement!

ALL customers are required to accept/sign the Terms & Conditions agreement:

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