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The best prevention of data loss is to prepare ahead for hard drive or disk failure before it happens.

Unfortunately most people still do not backup their important data and as a result when disaster strikes options can become limited. Most hard drive failures occur slowly and can actually be detected by windows without you even noticing. Over time the problem will usually worsen. Perhaps a particle of dust somehow got into the drive and has caused read or write errors, eventually causing a failure to boot the operating system.

This nightmare situation is preventable, with the right software. At CRS Norwich we offer a monitoring tool called Kabuto which checks your computer periodically for hard drive problems (as well as other system issues). As soon as an issue is detected you are informed and so are we.

However even the best software sometimes cannot detect hard drive failures. It is possible that you shutdown your computer and come the next day when you turn it back on the hard drive has failed. If this has happened, little can be done other than data recovery.

At CRS Norwich we charge a set amount of £80.00 for Data Recovery. We don't charge per GB of data recovered as we feel this is unfair. All we ask is that you bring a sufficient external storage medium to transfer your files to. There are no hourly rates and no hidden charges.

If we cannot recover your data we will not charge you. Instead we will refer you to one of our trusted data recovery clinics that will restore your data using latest technology available to do so. Charges for these services can be quite costly, and on a personal level may not be economical. However in a commercial environment data recovery may be the only option and absolutely the hard drive must be recovered whatever the costs.

At CRS Norwich we try our best to lower your costs, even if you require a more specialized recovery. The best piece of advice we can give though is to ensure you make frequent backups of important files. By doing daily backups, if hard drive failure does happen, it won't affect you as much. We recommend backups using cloud, Google drive or drop box since they keep a permanent online copy of your files.

Article By: CRS Mike
Date Added: 2016-06-08 21:14:12

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