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Laptop DC Jack repair

One of the most common problems we see is with laptop power jack connectors that are broken. If you have had this unfortunate luck, don't worry as it is most likely repairable!

Most people think that if the power port on a laptop breaks they are not repairable but quite often they actually are. It is however quite a major repair as the motherboard will require removal and also any peripherals like DVD drive / Hard Drive / Memory.

The Power sockets are not normally expensive and for such a cheap replacement part it is quite surprising how many laptops are binned because of this simple issue.

At Computer Resolve Services We charge just £40.00 labour for this repair service and most power connectors can be purchased for £3.00 bringing a total bill to no more than £50.00 normally. Most other repair shops will charge around £100.00 for this service, which in our opinion is excessive.
If you require DC Jack replacement please Contact Us for a quote.

Date Article Added: 2015-09-16 20:00:30

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