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Nintendo Switch Repair


Nintendo has always been up there with the likes of Xbox and PlayStation, so when they released the Nintendo Switch it came at no surprise that they would compete against the "big guns".

The Nintendo Switch is a hand held device which makes gaming on the go a thing. There has been lots of portable gaming devices in the past but the switch in my opinion beats them all hands down, mainly due to the HUGE catalogue of available games.

Nintendo have always gone for the cartoon style games and gameplay, if you have ever played on a Nintendo you will know what I mean. With this style of gaming it attracts people of all ages from kids to adults.

There are 3 types of switch on the market at present. The original Nintendo Switch which has detachable joypads and can be connected to any TV which really takes portable gaming to the next level. There is the Switch Lite which has the joypads all built in (the lite version cannot connect to a tv) And finally the OLED version. Which is the same as the first switch but has, yes you guessed it, an OLED screen. It is also slightly bigger than the original switch.

ALL Nintendo Switch games can be played on any of the 3, which means no matter which one you own you still have access to the entire catalogue of games available.

Now being that it is portable there are a wide range of carry cases for this, however there is a downside. Not all people will buy a case so that means some will be thrown in a bag or dropped in transit from place to place. Its inevitable, accidents happen.

This is where CRS can help out...

The most common problem we have had is controller drift. Just like any controller for any console sometimes the thumb pointer can go off centre. The good thing about this is they are relatively easy to repair. However I say that because we do things like this all the time and do not recommend you trying this at home.

We have had charging ports that need changing, fans stopped working, controller issues, screen issues etc etc I could go on. Here at CRS we are gamers and like all other consoles we want people to get back to playing.

If you have any issues at all with your Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch Lite book it in for a repair.

Article By: CRS Shay
Date Added: 2022-09-17 00:00:00

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