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PlayStation 5 Cleaning


Has your PlayStation 5 started getting loud or noisy?

It may be time for it to be cleaned out and serviced. We have opened hundreds of consoles and one thing in common is a massive build-up of dust and grime inside. Generally we recommend that a PS5 is serviced, air dusted and thermal liquid metal is inspected. Any tech device that uses a fan to cool its system generally brings a lot of dust in over time, so this is not just limited to PlayStation’s but also other consoles and computers.

When you bring your PlayStation 5 to us, as with all repairs our timescale and goal is up to 7 days on the repair. However usually we get console cleaning done the same day or by the next day. We charge a set-fee of £50 on console dust cleaning.

Has your PlayStation 5 started turning off randomly or displaying “Your PS5 is too hot”?

Yet again this is primarily caused by blocked vents due to dust build-up. It can also be caused by an overheating power supply, which is a knock-on effect from blocked vents. If you are very unlucky this may even mean the power supply could require replacement. That generally only happens when the console will not turn on whatsoever though.

Our general advice is to have your console and any other tech device serviced every 2 years at a minimum to prevent any problems arising.

Article By: CRS Mike
Date Added: 2023-02-17 21:00:00

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