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USB Type-C


The next generation of USB Connectors is here, the USB-C type connector. But what does this mean for end users and ultimately, repairs when they go wrong?

This particular type of USB connector is unique in that, it can be plugged in whichever way around you like, without any issue. Until now the connection of a USB has been one way round only. This is fantastic as it will probably stop these micro and mini USB ports from breaking as often, which is what we see frequently now. It is normally when someone forces the micro USB plug into the socket the wrong way, that they damage the internal connector.
This will no longer happen, since it can be inserted any way around and has the added benefit of a 12 pin layout, meaning more data can go to and from both devices.
Ultimately this means faster read / write times with the added bonus of extra capabilities alike that of a HDMI port, potentially including audio as well as other unique features currently unavailable.

But it's not all good news. Unfortunately as with any USB connector there is still a risk factor involved with breakages of the connector. Since this connector style has 12 pins and is only a few millimeter larger than its predecessor (Micro USB) if a breakage should occur replacement of the connector is made much harder. Already with only 5 pins the Micro USB connector is quite difficult to replace without losing pads from the main board, adding an extra 7 makes the job incredibly difficult even with the best of equipment.

However, at CRS we believe that this type of USB has been long overdue and should have been released years ago. Only now and in the coming years will we truly see the benefit of a multi-pin USB and the advantages of faster data transfer.

Article By: CRS Mike
Date Added: 2016-02-22 00:08:00

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