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Tablet Repair - Is it worth it?


Cracked Screen
In most cases a cracked tablet screen is not economical to repair, the reason is simply the cost against a brand new tablet. Some tablet screens can cost just as much to replace as the tablet cost brand new. Since tablets can be purchased for £100, our advice is normally not carry out this repair dependent on costs of the digitizer/screen. Of course this all depends on the value of the tablet and the cost of the replacement parts with our fitting service.

Broken USB / HDMI / Audio Port
Depending on the tablet and how it's internal parts are accessed will determine whether repair is more viable. A tablet that has been manufactured with repairs in mind will usually have a removable backing, in those instances we can carry out a port repair mostly trouble free.
In cases where the only way to access the broken port would be to remove the screen first, the screen could be damaged in the removal process.
It is also worth considering that other unexpected damage could be caused during the teardown process, such as torn ribbon cables or delicate parts being damaged.

Software Issues
Sometimes boot problems can be related to main-board failure. For example, a tablet may fail to boot into windows or android with a main-board failure but can also simply be software corruption as well. In some cases the system can be restored and repair is completed. In other cases unless the main-board is replaced, the tablet is rendered useless. Main-boards vary in price greatly and so is hard to give a set cost for the part, repair may or may not be viable.

Our recommendation is that if your tablet is still in warranty, you should contact the manufacturer before having a repair carried out. Sometimes they send a new one out without you even sending the old one, meaning you then have 2 tablets and spare parts as a result!

Article By: CRS Mike
Date Added: 2015-11-23 17:24:55

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